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Sonneborn Presents the SonneNatural® 200 Series at SWSCC, Irving, Texas

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Sonneborn Presents the SonneNatural® 200 Series at SWSCC, Irving, Texas

Parsippany, NJ - August 8, 2012 – Sonneborn, a world leader in the manufacture and supply of high-purity specialty hydrocarbons to the Personal Care and Cosmetic Industries, will present the SonneNatural® 200 Series, 100% vegetable based emollients on August 23rd at SWSCC Suppliers Day in Irving, Texas.  This exciting line is an extension of the existing SonneNatural® Brand and includes three unique offerings, each exceptional and elegant – the ultimate ingredients to help grow your brand, naturally!

Visit us at Booth # 411 at SWSCC Suppliers Day • August 23, 2012 • Irving Convention Center • Irving, Texas

The three distinctive blends: SonneNatural H-203, S-205 and J-207 offer a range of slip, gloss and cushion to fit any formulation requirement, while providing exceptional TEWL performance. Sonneborn recognizes the importance of even the most subtle, yet specific differences that are often crucial to defining a finished formula.  As such, we continue to apply our technical expertise in growing our line of 100% naturally derived emollients.

Often, “all natural” products can be inferior substitutes regarding color, odor, performance and consistent quality.  According to Clay Rozic, Sonneborn Development Scientist for the SonneNatural Line, "The careful selection of raw materials led to the creation of products that have superior polymorphic stability.  All triglycerides and fats typically have three crystalline forms:  α, β’ and β.  Each of these polymorphs has a different solid state symmetry and appearance.”  Further, “Many naturally based materials often exhibit fat blooms, oil bleed and different hardness due to the polymorph that it is in. SonneNatural is a very stable material that, through specific cooling and shear rates, creates a β polymorph with triclinic symmetry." 

Sonneborn utilizes solid expertise in petrolatum development, purification and manufacturing to make the finest natural alternatives imaginable.  Despite the notion that there is only “one petrolatum”, there are in fact numerous combinations of attributes that lead to uniquely different petrolatum products.  Similarly, Sonneborn applies this same developmental expertise in creating a range of vegetable based, natural emollients. Along with progressive technical capabilities and outstanding service, Sonneborn delivers the very best value in the industry.   

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