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Personal Care Formulary

A collection of formulae for skin, hair, and cosmetic products showcases the versatility and benefits of Sonneborn products for personal care applications.

Shea XP®
Sonneborn Cocoon Anti-Aging Night Cream with Shea XP
Sonneborn Diaper Rash Cream with Shea XP
Sonneborn Lip Butter with Shea XP
Sonneborn Lip Gloss with Shea XP
Sonneborn Moisture Flash Face Cream with Shea XP
Sonneborn Moisturizing Baby Lotion with Shea XP
Sonneborn Nourishing Body Balm with Shea XP
Sonneborn Pure & Soothing Baby Lotion with Shea XP
Sonneborn Skin Barrier Repair Balm with Shea XP
Sonneborn Soothing Body Lotion with Shea XP
Sonneborn Women's Fresh Face Cream with Shea XP

Antiperspirant Stick with Sonnecone CM
Antiperspirant Unscented with Iris, Sonnecone CM and Multiwax 180-W
Silicone Free Antiperspirant Stick with Lilac

Hair Care
Dry Scalp Relief Oil with Klearol
Hair Shine Mist with Lilac
Sonneborn Molding Wax with SonneNatural H-203

Lip Care
Lip Butter with SonneNatural H-203
Lip Balm with Petrolatum G1958
Lip Balm with SonneNatural Select Meadowfoam, Multiwax 180-W and Kaydol

Skin Care
Baby Sunscreen Stick with SonneNatural H-203
All Natural Cuticle Balm with SonneNatural
Body Wash with SonneNatural
Elegant Daily Moisturizer with Sonnecone DM1
Eye Makeup Remover with Lilac
Hand Cream with Sonnecone CM
Luxe Cream with Sonnecone CM
Moisturizing Body Butter with SonneNatural Select EVOO and Lilac
Novel Skincare Emulsion with Sonnecone CM and DM1
Pink Grapefruit Body Polish with SonneNatural Select Meadowfoam
Skin Brightening Night Cream with SonneNatural and Lilac
Sonneborn Replenishing Balm with SonneNatural J-207

Genuine Healing Salves from SCC Suppliers Day 2014
Salvation Eye Balm with SonneNatural J-207
Nourishing Coconut Lip Balm with SonneNatural H-203

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