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Shea XP

Shea XP

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Shea XP® Active Base Emollient

Shea XP is a new scientifically designed and optimized active base emollient that contains the advantages of both petrolatum and shea in a highly stable matrix.  Shea XP offers formulation ease, broad compatibility and application versatility for a wide array of personal care products. 

This unique hybrid emollient delivers both immediate and long-term skin health benefits through improved Trans-Epidermal Water Loss performance (TEWL) and skin protection, combined with known benefits of shea butter like anti-inflammatory and anti-aging.

Shea XP offers a solution to the formulating challenge of adding beneficial levels of shea within a basic formulation.  Shea XP enables the addition of biofunctional skin care benefits associated with shea by eliminating the difficulties associated with polymorphic behavior.

Shea XP is suitable for all types of skin care creams and lotions, as well as in anhydrous products such as ointments, balms and body butters. The superb skin feel makes it especially suitable for sensitive applications and product enhancements. Shea XP can be formulated into rinse-off applications, nutritive cleansing and hair care products. It is also an ideal emollient for color cosmetics due to excellent compatibility with other emollients, waxes and oils. A 40 percent concentration of Shea XP meets the OTC monograph as a Skin Protectant, allowing for a silkier skin feel in topical ointments.

Specifications for Shea XP

Melting Point, °C ASTM D127 43.0/60.0
Lovibond Color, 2 IN. CELL IP 17 5Y Max
Odor LATM 217 PASS
Consistency, dmm ASTM D937 130/210
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100 °C, cSt ASTM D445 5/10
Congealing Point, °C ASTM D938 35 Min