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Visconorust Corrosion Inhibitor

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Sonneborn, a producer of a range of rust prevention and anti-corrosion products, produces a specialty product called Visconorust 2090P-4, a petroleum-based corrosion preventative. Visconorust 2090P‑4 is a scientifically compounded extended life petroleum base corrosion preventive. It is composed of a complex additive petrolatum system formulated for optimal performance in specific applications. 

Visconorust 2090P‑4 is designed for filling tendons used in the construction of Post Tensioned Secondary Nuclear Containment Vessels, dams, bridges, parking garages, pontoon bridges, coating of tendons for rock and ground anchors and other special post-tensioning applications.  

Visconorust 2090P‑4 is self-healing and thixotropic. The complex additive petrolatum system is designed to exclude air, water and other corrosive substances from tendon surfaces in two ways: (1) by compounding the product with polar, water displacing, and high reserve alkalinity additives, and (2) by the formation of a moisture and chemical transmission barrier of microcrystalline wax reinforced by a laminar inorganic structure.

Visconorust 2090P-4 is ordinarily applied by melting and pumping between 180–230°F (82–110°C), but also can be applied manually at ambient temperature for small jobs. This product conforms to ASME Section III Division 2 CC 2442.3.2 Unbonded Systems Permanent Coating. Please note that the 2090P-4 is the only Visconorust product offered by Sonneborn.

Visconorust 2090P-4