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Telephone Cable Compounds

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Telecommunications Cables

Sonneborn manufactures a complete line of filling and flooding compounds for the copper core cable industry. As one of the world’s largest producers of cable compounds for the telecommunications industry, we manufacture gel-based (ETPR) filling compounds, petrolatum-based (PE/PJ) filling compounds, and both natural and polymer-based flooding (FC) compounds. Offering the highest-quality cable compounds in the telecommunications industry, the Witcogel line complies with standards set by numerous telephone companies, regulatory agencies and engineering groups throughout the world.

Telephone Cable Compounds fill the interstices in polyethylene insulated and sheathed telephone cables. Their function is to prevent the penetration of moisture into the cable in the event of damage to the cable sleeve.

Our Telephone Cable Compounds have been developed to meet the specific requirements of cable manufacturers and international regulating authorities. The wide range of products allows our customers to select a product for each specification.

Flooding Compound 683
Witcogel® II LV Cable Filling Compound