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Sensory Enhanced Emollients

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Sonnecone is an innovative line of patent-pending petrolatum products with unique sensory characteristics. With the INCI name Petrolatum, the Sonnecone products meet the specifications for USP Petrolatum. They offer a skin feel that is much less greasy in nature, melts at skin temperature, and has a silkier feel than traditional petrolatums. In fact, these petrolatums can be considered as either a full or partial replacement for certain silicones such as dimethicone and cyclomethicone in formulated products. This line of petrolatums offers cost savings relative to the cost of silicone products.

Sonnecone® CM
Sonnecone® DM1

Lilac is a colorless, odorless liquid with the sensory characteristics of cyclomethicone for use in personal care products. Lilac has the INCI name C14 - 22 Alkane. This product is a highly refined mixture of alkanes with good spreadability, short play time, and a powdery, soft after-feel that can be used as a potential alternative to D5 silicones for emolliency in cosmetic formulations. The unique sensory attributes of Lilac make it an ideal ingredient for any cosmetic application that currently contains cyclomethicone, such as: hand/body lotions, AP/Deo products, fragrance sticks, body washes, hair care products and sun care products.


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