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Compressor Lubricants

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Compressor Lubricants is a family of high-performance lubricants that consist of white mineral oil, viscosity improvers and lubricity packages. The oils are designed to lubricate under extreme conditions of pressure, temperature and in the presence of supercritical ethylene gas.

Used for decades in virtually every possible compressor configuration, Sonneborn compressor lubricants’ high performance enables extremely long service life of packing sets. They are designed not to affect properties of the plastic end product and therefore can be used in production of all co-polymers, food and pharmaceutical grades, wire and cable, coatings and printable plastic. In the food industry, Sonneborn compressor lubricants comply with the highest food grade mineral oil standards and meet the requirements of the European Directive for plastic materials intended to come into contact with foodstuffs.

Compressor lubricants are applied in primary, booster and hyper compressors in low-density polyethylene plants worldwide. Since their original development, Sonneborn has successfully introduced third and fourth generations of compressor lubricants, each successive generation combining proven technology with the benefits of the latest developments.

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