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Metalworking & Corrosion Protection

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Products: Petronate® Sodium Sulfonates

Sonneborn’s sodium sulfonates provide excellent emulsion quality and corrosion resistance. The low equivalent weight sulfonates provide excellent emulsion performance, while the high equivalent weight sulfonates provide the basis for unsurpassed rust preventive coating. Depending on the application, the balance of these two properties is critical for performance in any market.

Sodium sulfonates are made from natural petroleum oil feedstocks. As a result, the distribution of molecular weights of our products is very broad, while the distribution of molecular weights of typical synthetic sodium sulfonates is narrow. The broad distribution of molecular weights from Sonneborn Petronate sodium sulfonates enhances the ability of the sulfonates to interact with the rust preventive oil. It also provides excellent emulsification compared to a synthetic sodium sulfonate of the same molecular weight.

Sonneborn’s sodium sulfonates possess a structure composed of a poly-alkylated aromatic ring system, where the alkylates are primarily branched and short-chained. This competes with typical synthetic sodium sulfonates which are mono-alkylated aromatic ring systems where the alkylates are linear and long-chained. The presence of these short-chained and branched alkyl aromatic groups in Sonneborn sodium sulfonates improves their compatibility with the base oil. The resulting benefits are enhanced emulsion and rust preventive coating characteristics.