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Products: USP/NF White Mineral Oils and Technical Grade White Mineral Oils

Sonneborn offers products in the agriculture industry, catering primarily to the following applications: grain dust suppression, crop protection and animal feed production.

When a white mineral oil is applied to grain, the oil inhibits the generation of dust associated with the movement and handling of the grain. Due to the USP purity of Agrol oil, no taste or odor is imparted to the grain. Further grain processing, like milling or malting, is not affected. Minute amounts of white mineral oil are sufficient to prevent dust, and it has been found to suppress dust for a period of up to one year. 

In the production of animal feeds, premixing micronutrients with a suitable carrier is a common method to ensure proper distribution of nutrients in the final feed. The carrier’s purpose is to physically accommodate fine-powdered micro-ingredients and provide uniform distribution in the process. White mineral oils act as an adhesive on the carrier’s surface to improve its holding capacity for micro-ingredients. It also reduces dust, improves premix integrity and uniformity, and reduces electrostatic charges and the random loss of micro-ingredients.

Sonneborn’s commitment to the agricultural industry is one reason we are among the leading white mineral oil suppliers in the world.