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Sono Jell® Candle Base IV

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Sono Jell Candle Base IV is a severely hydrotreated food grade wax blend intended for use as a component in the custom formulation of container candles. It will provide candle formulators with a crystal modifier that can be used as an alternative to microcrystalline wax, white oil or petrolatum or combinations thereof.  Sono Jell Candle Base IV works well with paraffin wax and soy wax blends supporting uniform surface appearance, good container adhesion, fragrance retention, good burn characteristics, UV stability, resistance to shrinkage and concavity.

Sono Jell Candle Base IV used at 5-10% loading provides crystal modification in soy and paraffin blend candles.  Sono Jell Candle Base IV used at 10-30%  in soy and paraffin based candles provides appeal commensurate with high quality candles found in the market today. Also, wax melts using Sono Jell Candle Base IV show improved aesthetics, fragrance retention and rich color, as well as favorable break characteristics.

Sono Jell Candle Base IV is a value and performance based complement to Sonneborn’s Multiwax® microcrystalline waxes, white oils, petroleum distillates and petrolatums that have a long and proven track record in the candle industry.  Technical support and samples are available to help customers formulate with Sonneborn’s high purity hydrocarbons.

Candle producers value our products as they are severely hydrotreated providing the whitest, odor free and most stable raw materials for the candle industry.  The ultra-white color will not interfere with pigmentation and the lack of odor will not interfere with fragrance.  Additionally, the quality of our products will not waiver. The quality you receive today will be the same a year from now.

Sono Jell Candle Base IV meets purity requirements for FDA as per 21 CFR 172.880.

Sono Jell® Candle Base IV

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