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Sonneborn Introduces Sono Jell Candle Base, a Value and Performance Based Wax Blend for the Candle Industry

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Sonneborn Introduces Sono Jell Candle Base, a Value and Performance Based Wax Blend for the Candle Industry

Parsippany, NJSeptember 20, 2012 – Sonneborn, a global leading supplier to the candle industry known for its ultra-white Multiwax® microcrystalline waxes, petrolatums, white mineral oils and petroleum distillates, is thrilled to introduce  Sono Jell® Candle Base, their latest inventive product for the candle market.
Sonneborn has been supplying the candle industry with high quality refined products for over a century.  The Sono Jell® Candle Base has been developed to deliver value and exceptional performance in container candle formulations.  Enhanced container adhesion, fragrance retention, good cold and hot fragrance throw and desirable burn characteristics are some of the outstanding benefits.  According to Roy Seib, Sonneborn Market Manager, "The initial response from customers who have evaluated Sono Jell Candle Base is the most positive I have ever seen for a new product”.  Used at 40% or less in candle formulations, Sono Jell® Candle Base works well with paraffin wax, soy wax, slack wax, scale wax and many other raw materials used in candles.
Equipped with a two stage hydrogenation process, a technologically advanced pilot plant, and an expert technical staff, Sonneborn’s Petrolia, PA plant has the unique capabilities to develop a fully refined candle component that is white in color, odor free and cost competitive. 
For more than 100 years, Sonneborn has been setting industry standards the world over for the finest possible specialty hydrocarbons in Polymers & Adhesives, Baking & Food, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical, HI&I, Microcrystalline Wax applications and many other industries.  With manufacturing facilities in both North America and Europe and Sonneborn representatives in major cities throughout the world, Sonneborn is the only specialty hydrocarbon producer that offers this global reach of expertise.  Sonneborn LLC is owned by One Equity Partners (“OEP”), the private investment arm of JPMorgan Chase & Co. 
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