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Products: White Mineral Oils; Petrolatums; Microcrystalline Waxes; Light Specialty Hydrocarbons; Specialty Products

Since 1903, pharmaceutical companies have looked to Sonneborn for high-quality products and exceptional production capabilities, having earned a reputation for being among the leading white mineral oil suppliers and microcrystalline wax suppliers.

Petrolatums, including the Sonnecone brand products, are used in many topical drug applications, such as skin protectants, medicated ointments, suppositories and dental adhesives. White mineral oils are used in excipient formulations, ointments, creams, internal lubricants and laxatives. Sonneborn is among the leading microcrystalline wax suppliers to the top consumer dental floss brands.

All Sonneborn manufacturing facilities are accredited to quality standard ISO 9002 or ISO 9001:2008. Our U.S. manufacturing facility is registered with the Food and Drug Administration as a drug-manufacturing site.