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Food Grade Lubricants

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Food Grade Lubricants

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Food Grade Mineral Oils

Products: White Mineral Oils; USP Petrolatums; Microcrystalline Waxes

Applications: Food handling machinery lubricants and meat processing related applications, including machinery cleaner / lubricant, trolley lubricant, food grade grease and gear lube formulations.

Sonneborn offers a wide variety of products to the food industry, where health and safety are priorities, and the applications demand high purity and excellent performance. In addition to performing the same technical functions of a lubricant, food grade mineral oil must also comply with all food/health and safety regulations, and be physiologically inert, tasteless, odorless and internationally approved. Sonneborn is Kosher certified and cGMP compliant. Our unique, high viscosity Hydrobrite HV USP white oil provides lower cost, low-volatility, shear and oxidation-stable viscosity enhancement for food grade lubricant formulations.

Sonneborn has served the food industry for decades, developing a reputation for being among the world’s leading white mineral oil and microcrystalline wax suppliers.