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Cheese Wax

Cheese Wax Products 

Custom blends for specific cheese type applications and component wax additives, such as Witcovar 146, Multiwax ML 445-H, Multiwax W-835 and custom wax blends to meet particular specifications.

Sonneborn is among the world’s largest wax suppliers.  Founded in the early 1930s as Jonk Waxes, our current high-speed wax refinery today is located at the same location in Koog a/d Zaan, The Netherlands.  In the early days cheese waxes were our core business and still is today.  Sonneborn is one of the leading cheese wax suppliers to the dairy industry, offering a large variety of cheese waxes.  Microcrystalline wax offers very reliable protection against mold and as a result extends the shelf-life of the cheese. Cheese waxes are available in a wide variety of colors, as well as in uncolored versions, and are customized to suit all kinds of waxing machinery. 

As one of the most experienced and dedicated cheese wax manufacturers in the world, Sonneborn can customize soft, semi-hard and hard cheese type wax blends to meet your specific application and process requirements.  We offer superior waxes for both the traditional Dutch cheese types like Edam and Gouda, and for other well known types around the world.  

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION                   

Sonneborn cheese waxes are high-tech formulations of FDA approved paraffin’s, microcrystalline waxes and additives.  Our experience and knowledge enables us to engineer the most advanced cheese waxes in the world, including a wide variety of various colors tailor made for your cheeses and machines equipment.  Our waxes are designed in thin to thick layers with, for example easy peel-off or outstanding adhesion, excellent flexibility, for hand dipping or fully automated high speed dipping processes.  They are formulated to protect against mould growth, loss of weight and damage during transport and also provide a nice shine to your cheese. 

Sonneborn cheese waxes are supplied globally as liquid bulk or in slabs, serving small to the largest dairy companies in the world.   Our cheese waxes maintain the highest standards and comply with the appropriate national regulations for their application.  

Sonneborn Refined Products B.V. Wax Plant meets the strictest standards for food safety and is ISO 9001, 14.001 and 22.000 certified.  Our comprehensive technical support will provide quick and flexible response to your specific requirements.