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Baking & Food Industry

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Baking & Food Industry

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Applications: Baking lubricants (divider oils, pan oils, trough greases) 

As one of the leading white mineral oil suppliers for the baking industry, Sonneborn offers three types of products. Divider oils are USP/NF approved white mineral oils of varying viscosities that offer lubrication and ease of handling of the dough. Trough greases are USP petrolatums that coat dough troughs to prevent the dough from sticking to the sides after it comes from the mixer. Pan oils are usually blends of vegetable and mineral oils. White mineral oils with a viscosity of 350 SUS @ 100°F and higher will provide greater viscosity than vegetable oils, thus better cling to the sides of the pan. White oils also have greater oxidation stability and will reduce the amount of glazing that can occur in the pan.

Sonneborn has served the baking and food industry for decades, developing a reputation for being among the world’s leading cheese wax suppliers and white mineral oil suppliers.